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I was born in Orlando, Florida, grew up in Massachusetts, and raised my five kids (single mother) on Cape Cod where I worked as a bank teller, professional photographer, and freelance contributor to Cape Magazine. I became interested in film acting when I covered the movie, Star, the story of Gertrude Lawrence’s founding of the Cape Playhouse. Robert Wise directed, Julie Andrews and Richard Crenna starred.
After educating my kids, I moved to Georgia to pursue a film career. I began acting professionally in 1983, working as an extra in films that were being shot in and around Atlanta. I watched and learned.
I took numerous acting classes and got my first speaking part in 1984, which entitled me to join the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
I’m still a member today.
When I felt the need for more training, I relocated to North Hollywood and enrolled in the prestigious Joanne Baron’s Beverly Hills Studio to study the Meisner Technique. To finance my expensive classes, I worked as office manager for the Center for Surrogate Parenting.
Classes took years, but they worked. I was ready to go! Auditions no longer made me chew my nails because I’d learned how to be “in the moment.”
I moved back to Georgia to resume my career. There have been several nice parts in films. Look for me in One Last Thing, Last Vegas, Déjà Vu and My Dog Skip, to name a few. One fun role was when I gave David Cross a black eye and knocked him on his butt in Run, Ronnie, Run. It was great fun flaunting my wares in my bathing suit in Last Vegas.
In between, there were TV commercials, among them a Telly Award-winning Kodak moment.
I served on the board of Women in Film/Atlanta and presently sit as Chaplain of the Atlanta branch of the National League of American Pen Women.
My drama classes helped me to construct better novels. I write in whole scenes and dialogue is second nature to me. I feel these abilities make my tales far more interesting and readable. In my spare time I keep writing, writing, writing.
The following books can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble: A Medal for Dr. Mary; Lethal Intentions; Scarlet Acres; Situation Desperate: Send Chocolate; and The Damage Done. A Medal for Dr. Mary, about the only woman to win the Medal of Honor, has earned five stars on Amazon. I consider this my crowning achievement and I’ve lectured to book clubs and other groups about Dr. Mary on Cape Cod, in Atlanta, Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, Roswell, Vero Beach and other places.
My Motto is: Don’t tell me I can’t, ‘cause I darn well can!